Website design

Increase your visibility, improve your offer and expand your reach to your targeted audiences; these are the advantageous results a website built with finesse can provide. Let Nexun Media’s team translate your ideas into digital language. Our experts specialize in efficient and well made website design.

The advent of information and communications technology highlights the profitability of a sustained and dynamic business presence on the Internet. But beware: website design is an art!

While offering a unique visual layout, your website must be built in such a way that both the container and content ensures performance. Your website must be ergonomic, attract the interest of users and have a good ranking on search engines.

Web design is our art

At Nexun Media, we develop original websites without compromising quality. Our team’s skills and professionalism enable us to anticipate trends and push website design to new levels, both in terms of design and technology. We do so, among others, by developing effective content management systems and by adapting your website for mobile phones.

Website design : somes examples

Project : Website and interactive application
Date : 2012-04-12
HERE IT IS, FINALLY! You are literally tens of thousands of subscribed fans looking forward to the new version of the online Virtual Decorator. Soon to be launch in 2012, just in time for springtime home refurbishing, this paint color combinations software, now the most advanced of its kind, will be pleased to assist with flying colors in your decorating projects.

Nexun Media, the designers of this new generation tool are proud to invite you to spread the good news. Made from the latest technology, enjoy the brand new Virtual Decorator to better plan and achieve your decorative painting right now!

Be creative, imaginative, let your inspiration flow and especially share your decorating projects with the community and in your social networks. See how easy it is now to be virtually able to paint your own designs in places where you give, receive and share your comments on your personal tastes and preferences in terms of ambiance, atmosphere and sought-after decoration.

Project : Festival d'été de Québec 2014
Date : 2014-07-04
It is with great pride that Nexun Media has greatly contributed to the design of the website of the Festival d'été de Québec 2014 in collaboration with Bell Media. Recognized once again for its unique expertise on the Kentico CMS platform and for the excellence of its service, fast and professional execution of their work, our team rose to the challenge brilliantly. 
This is in a context of high pressure that was accomplished work because deadlines was very short to deliver the high standards required by the client where quality assurance were higher. Congratulations to the whole team for this other embodiment where once again the Québec know-how in ASP.NET platform rayon.
Happy Festival d'été de Québec 2014!

Project : Website
Date : 2011-12-02
French company ERA-SIB, specialized in manufacturing and exporting solenoid, has recently launched its new website featuring an online catalog with hundreds of products.

The website is powered by Kentico’s enterprise content management system. It’s this soluton’s first delivery on European soil for Nexun Media.

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