Producing a scope statement

The scope statement is an important planning tool that enables cohesion between your ideas and expertise.

You want to start a web project, but you don’t have a scope statement yet? No worries. At Nexun Media, we perform a functional analysis of your needs and if necessary, a scope statement. A formal representation of your needs can help to design accurate digital products, in perfect harmony with your expectations.

Producing a scope statement is the first step in good planning that lead proposed web solutions towards success. Actually, this structuring and analysis tool is the foundation of any collaboration. Comprehensive and well built, the scope statement ensures success and durability for your web projects. Its writing is therefore a crucial step in the process since it sets the guidelines for the chosen digital strategies while reporting the consensus for which the parties involved in your project have concluded.

The development of websites and digital products requires thought and organization. The scope statement allows for the positioning of your project, to define its goals and then reach them with efficiency, originality and without cost overruns.

Producing a scope statement : somes examples

Project : The Virtual Advisor
Date : 2005-01-01
The Virtual Advisor is the most comprehensive tool available on the Internet to answer any and all questions relating to paint.

As the original content was not designed for use on the Web and was collected a variety of sources, this project required a significant effort in developing the requisite information structure. On the production side, the attention to detail and constant vigilance of the entire team helped ensure the quality of the project deliverable. The end result is a reliable and indispensable tool for anyone with a painting project in mind.

Project : Website with e-commerce
Date : 2006-01-01
Website which includes an e-commerce where we can buy auto parts and accessories, just as paint and preparation/finishing products for motorcycles and for other small recreative vehicles. Moreover, this website includes ColorRite's search engine which allows to find the exact colour made for a particular vehicle.

Project : Multimedia Cd-Rom
Date : 2004-01-01

CD-Rom presenting the company's strategic plan for the 2004-2008 period.

This comprehensive multimedia project, incorporating design, video, virtual presenters and voice-over, was based on a scenario developed specifically to address client requirements and the content elements to be highlighted. The result is an application that successfully delivers a significant amount of information in a relaxed atmosphere and without being too heavy.

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