Interactive applications

Add value to your content, create excitement around your site, generate chatter! Interactive applications have an incredible power of attraction. They feed the curiosity of web users and drive traffic to your website.

Interactive applications are highly demanded digital solutions valued by users. They increase the value of your website’s content by adding a touch of dynamism and interactivity, all this to the delight of your audience.

Interactive applications for everyone!

In light of the infinite possibilities they offer, interactive applications are a custom digital solution providing your organization with considerable distinctive power on the Internet. Their usefulness and versatility - games, virtual decorators, geolocation, etc. - generate solutions that might be developed in perfect harmony with your business and your customers.

Whatever the goal, Nexun Media’s team develops interactive applications for you in different formats encouraging users to extend their visit, and even to come back to your website. To that extent, your interactive applications enrich your web content and through your targets they also provide a high retention rate for both the messages you want to get across and your corporate identity.

Interactive applications : somes examples

Project : WINTUK
Date : 2009-09-30

Multimedia application which will present Wintuk, Cirque du Soleil’s winter show in New York. This application, located on a Flash Drive and intended for the press members (presskit), features photos, videos, a presentation of the creators of the show, photos of costumes and various press documents.

Project : Alert 511
Date : 2012-11-29

It’s with the utmost pleasure that Team Nexun has developed a new online service called Alert 511 for Quebec company RealTraffic Technologies. This service is a real time road traffic status information tool.

This advanced technology from RealTraffic is a unique video analysis system that uses real-time network video cameras already installed along roads and intersections. This technology is based on a new method of optical flow and works in most viewing conditions: night, day, rain, snow and even fog.

This teamwork, in collaboration with Quebec-based firm Arcane Technologies, has used our integration and web programming services to deliver an innovative solution that has high export potential in cities around the world.

Congratulations and the best of luck to Alert 511.

Project : Vvirtual decorator
Date : 2007-06-17
Online Virtual Decorator that offers two choices to the user: displaying rooms already painted with specific trend colours selected by RONA experts, and painting rooms using the entire collection of RONA colours.

The interface for this Virtual Decorator was specifically designed to blend seamlessly with the RONA Website and brochures.

The interface also provides access to practical advice as well as a paint calculator

Please visit our portfolio to see more examples of Interactive applications.