Interactive applications

Add value to your content, create excitement around your site, generate chatter! Interactive applications have an incredible power of attraction. They feed the curiosity of web users and drive traffic to your website.

Interactive applications are highly demanded digital solutions valued by users. They increase the value of your website’s content by adding a touch of dynamism and interactivity, all this to the delight of your audience.

Interactive applications for everyone!

In light of the infinite possibilities they offer, interactive applications are a custom digital solution providing your organization with considerable distinctive power on the Internet. Their usefulness and versatility - games, virtual decorators, geolocation, etc. - generate solutions that might be developed in perfect harmony with your business and your customers.

Whatever the goal, Nexun Media’s team develops interactive applications for you in different formats encouraging users to extend their visit, and even to come back to your website. To that extent, your interactive applications enrich your web content and through your targets they also provide a high retention rate for both the messages you want to get across and your corporate identity.

Interactive applications : somes examples

Project : Website and interactive application
Date : 2012-04-12
HERE IT IS, FINALLY! You are literally tens of thousands of subscribed fans looking forward to the new version of the online Virtual Decorator. Soon to be launch in 2012, just in time for springtime home refurbishing, this paint color combinations software, now the most advanced of its kind, will be pleased to assist with flying colors in your decorating projects.

Nexun Media, the designers of this new generation tool are proud to invite you to spread the good news. Made from the latest technology, enjoy the brand new Virtual Decorator to better plan and achieve your decorative painting right now!

Be creative, imaginative, let your inspiration flow and especially share your decorating projects with the community and in your social networks. See how easy it is now to be virtually able to paint your own designs in places where you give, receive and share your comments on your personal tastes and preferences in terms of ambiance, atmosphere and sought-after decoration.

Project : Virtual designer
Date : 2010-06-17
Last December Quebec City’s Prestige Metal launched its new virtual designer to introduce an entire line of high-end railing posts and newels. In addition to getting the news out about this whole range of specialized products and accessories, Nexun Media succeeded as well in delivering an interactive, high-performance and user-friendly tool which also offers the possibility of combining stairway products with various hardwood floor varieties in a wide array of colours resulting in a full selection of decors. This innovation is already highly valued by consumers and retailers alike who use this CD-ROM tool instead of the old-fashioned binder-type catalogue with its black and white data sheets.

Project : Dealer locator
Date : 2008-01-01
Nexun Media developed a powerful system for finding and locating dealers, which combines Google Maps technology and Canada Post's postal code locating system. The whole system is linked to Sico's internal customer relationship management system and allows finding dealers for all Sico's brands in Canada (such as Sico, Sikkens, Mulco...).

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