Content translation

Your website is a mass communication tool that can be accessed around the world. Its translation is therefore extremely advantageous because it allows your offer to travel around the globe. Whether it’s to translate an entire site or only a few paragraphs, at Nexun Media, we know how. Be ready to seize every opportunity the business world has to offer!

Not only is English the official language of business, but it’s the one that’s the most widely used on the web. The current context of globalization shows that the possibilities of striking deals abroad are real. To this end, the translation is a real springboard that can propel your organization toward even greater prosperity.

Translation: an international focus

Expand your network of contacts and deal with customers from all sources. Providing multiple versions for both your website and your promotional material will enable you to play in the big leagues. What it means is that you are staying competitive, you’re increasing your market's size and you’re being recognized abroad.

It is with these concerns in mind that Nexun Media’s team has built a strong expertise in translation. We know how important it is that the translation of your documents has to be faultless, because as in French as in any other language, a text should have the same meaning. For a faithful translation of your digital tools, you can trust Nexun Media.

Content translation : somes examples

Project : Text translation (English to French)
Date : 2008-11-12

Nexun Media has translated about 120 000 words, from English to French, for SGS Group. Sometimes technical, sometimes more general, these words, added to those already translated for other clients, make a total of hundreds of thousands words translated by Nexun until now.

Project : Virtual Decorator Xpert
Date : 2002-01-01
Downloadable application, from, that enables users to test various colour arrangements in room-pictures of their own houses.

This project was developed through the innovative application of existing technologies in conjunction with the invaluable collaboration of the Sico paint manufacturing company.

An Internet version of the application, available from the Website, was awarded the “MIM d'Or” in the “Large Corporation Website” category in October 2001.

Project : Apartments for rent search website
Date : 2010-11-18, online since 1997, changes its name, look and technology platform to become GO! Apartments for rent. Equipped with the latest geolocation search applications such as Google Maps®, Google Street View® and Google Places®, the new site becomes one of the most convenient and effective apartements search tool in its category.

With already over 400 000 annual visits, and an acquired position in the major search engines, this new version offers real estate owners and managers a central platform for managing all real estate related stuff.

Indeed, the search engine can be integrated (a single line of code) in advertisers' websites no matter their technology while allowing them to benefit from mass distribution via the GO! Apartements for rent website. In addition, the rental units management system is simple and easy to use regardless of the number of homes an owner or manager can have.

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