Content management system

A content management system, commonly known as CMS is a system that allows you to remotely edit, add and delete content of your site, even if you're not familiar with programming languages.

The influence you have on the Internet and among its users are highly dependent on your website’s content. Yet, it’s not only quality but also freshness that makes your content attractive. Web users are curious. Engage their interests and keep their attention with up to date pages.

Your activities require that frequent adjustments be made to your website? You wish to be able to edit your own content on your pages? A content management system is therefore a great choice. With such a system, you control your content and can easily make the update. You gain autonomy and thus play an active role in managing your website.

Today, several technology platforms are available on the CMS market. Nexun Media offers the best platforms to meet your needs, your infrastructure and your budget.

Enterprise content management system

An enterprise content management system is much more than a simple web-based content editor, it is an integrated solution for your business which includes websites, product catalog, e-commerce, document management, secure intranet, project management, e-marketing solution, online community,  integration with your existing systems (ERP, CRM, etc.), and more. All of this on a single robust, secure and professional platform.

In this regard, Nexun Media is proud to be a Gold Certfied Kentico Software partner that provides an all-in-one enterprise content management system solution. Nexun Media deploys this technology in Canada since 2006 and many of our customers use it and enjoy it daily to manage their websites of all sizes.

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Content management system : somes examples

Project : Website and mobile with CMS
Date : 2014-12-15
Since coming to power of Prime Minister Philippe Couillard, the new Liberal government makes of its northern strategy one of its economic priorities for Quebec. As such, the Secretariat of the Northern Plan of the Ministère de l’énergie et des ressources naturelles (MERN) has mandated Nexun Media to develop a new website that informs Quebecers of the directions projected by the government in this regard.
Developed in a context where delivery times was very close, it's brilliantly that our production team has been able to meet the timetable and deliver this first version of the Plan Nord website. Mobile (responsive design), bilingual website using WordPress as content management system. The site obviously respects the visual identification program (PIV) of the government as well as web accessibility standards (WAI).

Project : Apartments for rent search website
Date : 2010-11-18, online since 1997, changes its name, look and technology platform to become GO! Apartments for rent. Equipped with the latest geolocation search applications such as Google Maps®, Google Street View® and Google Places®, the new site becomes one of the most convenient and effective apartements search tool in its category.

With already over 400 000 annual visits, and an acquired position in the major search engines, this new version offers real estate owners and managers a central platform for managing all real estate related stuff.

Indeed, the search engine can be integrated (a single line of code) in advertisers' websites no matter their technology while allowing them to benefit from mass distribution via the GO! Apartements for rent website. In addition, the rental units management system is simple and easy to use regardless of the number of homes an owner or manager can have.

Project : Website
Date : 2013-01-29
The year started well for the famous microbrewery Le Corsaire which has launched its new website at the forefront of new technologies. Le Corsaire is located in Lévis on the south shore of Quebec, close to the Québec-Lévis ferry. This famous pub offers 150 places over nine beers brewed on site in addition to wine and spirits the most extraordinary.

Designed and developed with the latest version 7.0 of the popular Kentico content management system, the interface of this website is completely "responsive design" that is to say, it adapts to all platforms such as smart phones, digital tablets and of course all screen formats on the web.

Nexun Media is proud to have been the design of the website for which it has been another customer more than satisfied with his choice. Long live the microbrewery Le Corsaire. Cheers!!!

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