Analysis and strategic consulting

The smartest strategy in war is the one that allows you to achieve your objectives without having to fight. - Sun Tzu

Any good web strategy begins with a rigorous and careful analysis of your needs and those of the market where you operate. As such, Nexun Media's team will go through the process with you, guiding and advising you in choosing the most appropriate digital solutions based on objectives, budget and requirements to be met.

You have a project in mind and you do not know where to start? You need help to structure your content or a technology concept to validate? Wondering if the pages of your website can be optimized for better performance?

In light of strategic analysis based on the profile of your organization, Nexun Media’s professionals highlight digital products as well as services combinations that can optimize your strategies and maximize your performance on the Internet. Whether it’s for web design, web hosting, content managament system or even e-commerce, Nexun Media offers viable solutions that transform your digital presence on the Internet in profitable activities.

Personalized digital stategies

As the performance of your web tools justify your investment, Nexun Media’s team is developing customized digital strategies whose impact on the Web are more profitable for your organization. Thus, the duo consisting of our keen knowledge of the Web and the excellence of our digital solutions allows for full exploitation of web products that best meet your needs.

Staying up to date on technological trends in a dynamic environment has enabled us to develop, over the years, unparalleled expertise in the field of web strategy. In this regard, Nexun Media’s architects are constantly innovating, whether it’s search engine optimization, search engine marketing, or interactive marketing strategy and social media optimization.

Analysis and strategic consulting : somes examples

Project : Website with CMS
Date : 2010-11-16

The city of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue recently launched its new website freshly redesigned by Nexun Media's team of professionals Nexun Media. In addition to presenting a new up to date navigation system interface, the site has a state of the art content management system powered by Kentico Software technology for which Nexun Media is a certified partner. Once more, this technology will enable very easy editing in a simple, fast kind of way and with great flexibility.

Project : Website and Extranet
Date : 2012-03-02
Centre de développement du porc du Québec is a center of expertise contributing to Quebec’s pork business’ dynamism with its services, its knowledge transfer activities and its involvement in several research and development projects.

After conducting a well-crafted functionality analysis for CDPQ in 2011, Nexun Media has just delivered the Centre’s new website. Boasting renewed information architecture, an ultra-performing search engine, an auto-managed newsletter and many more features that members of the organization’s management and staff will manage by themselves using Kentico’s state of the art content management system.

An extranet with restricted access has also been designed for the management and access to countless documents and secure information of all kinds placed at the disposal of the members.

Besides, the comments are unanimous at CDPQ, Kentico CMS is very easy and simple to use, says Mrs. Bolduc, management services manager: “After completing the Kentico CMS training, I must say I am very happy with the result, it is very easy to use. Nexun Media’s promise was held and we are very pleased with your services”.

Project : Website Design with CMS
Date : 2013-03-01
The Quebec company Cognisco Technologies distributes equipment and software related training in the automotive, automation and mechatronics, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering, electronics, physics and the acquisition science data. Their clients are from across Canada and are derived from secondary schools, vocational training centers, CEGEPs, private colleges and universities.

Happy to enjoy the benefits and facilities of their new bilingual website, it is also equipped with contact forms that generates prospecting directly connected to a system of customer relationship management (CRM).

It is with pride that Nexun Media has delivered this another website design refresh supported by the excellent content management system Kentico CMS 7.0.

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