Website design

Increase your visibility, improve your offer and expand your reach to your targeted audiences; these are the advantageous results a website built with finesse can provide. Let Nexun Media’s team translate your ideas into digital language. Our experts specialize in efficient and well made website design.

The advent of information and communications technology highlights the profitability of a sustained and dynamic business presence on the Internet. But beware: website design is an art!

While offering a unique visual layout, your website must be built in such a way that both the container and content ensures performance. Your website must be ergonomic, attract the interest of users and have a good ranking on search engines.

Web design is our art

At Nexun Media, we develop original websites without compromising quality. Our team’s skills and professionalism enable us to anticipate trends and push website design to new levels, both in terms of design and technology. We do so, among others, by developing effective content management systems and by adapting your website for mobile phones.

Website design : somes examples

Project : Website responsive with CMS
Date : 13/01/2014
The Beauce company SCM-GL, designer of the renowned snowmobile steering stabilizer "SnowTracker" , has recently launched its new website completely rebuilt according to specifications for adaptive mobility of smartphones and tablets .
SCM-GL present the full range of its three flagship products are: SnowTracker marketed since 2001, the popular hydraulic wheels system WheelTracker and the long term carbide self-sharpening runners EverLaster patented in Canada and the United States.
Also equipped with the powerful content management system Kentico CMS, it is with great pleasure that Nexun Media also offers its hosting solution to this loyal customer who trusted him for more than a decade.
All snowmobile enthusiasts will enjoy at the highest point of rediscover the pleasure and joy of a smooth ride, nice and safe in their favorite trails and whatever the conditions.

Project : Extranet
Date : 10/03/2012
The Association des communicateurs municipaux du Québec brings together municipal communication professionals working in towns, boroughs and municipalities in Quebec. The association is primarily responsible for developing the skills of its members in matters of public communication.

ACMQ entrusted Nexun Media to develop an extranet platform to enable its members to securely share private information. Whether it's news, activities or training, they will truy enjoy this dedicated sharing space. Content management will be done by board of directors members.

Microsoft's SharePoint was used for website management. It is an enterprise collaboration, information sharing and management platform to improve productivity. Everything is managed through a web browser using all the experience aquired using Microsoft Office.

Project : Website
Date : 17/05/2012
Another website redesign projetct handed to Nexun Media: It's now SOS Santé's turn, a company focusing on services such as consultation, care system managing and reorganizing as well as investment of health work resources in northern regions of Québec.

This site is powered by an enterprise Content Management System, Kentico, one of the most performing on the market. Crystal clear, the graphical user interface reminds health and all the importance goes for the content using a layout that facilitates consultation.

Briliantly, Nexun Media knew how to reorganize SOS Santé's web universe, allowing them to confidently demonstrate the seriousness and professionalism of their business.

Please visit our portfolio to see more examples of Website design.